A trademark works as a particular name of the assets/duties that a person is giving/trading from other such assets/duties. A trademark is an inaccessible asset or intellectual resource for a business once it is registered. That is, used to protect the company's stake in the brand.

It can get enrolled once it is unique for the merchandise and enterprises. Offered trademarks that are comparable to a previously existing trademark(s) cannot get filed.

In India, who registers the trademarks?

Trademarks get enrolled by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry or Government of India or Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks. In India, trademarks are enrolled in the Trademark Act of 2016. And thus, the trademark proprietor has the liberty to sue for any harm when the breach happens.

Following the enlistment, the 'R' image can be used by the proprietor, and the trademark enrollment will be substantial for a set time of ten years. Nonetheless, the enrolled trademarks moving toward their termination can be re-enlisted by registering for a trademark restoration application for additional ten years.


Benefits of a Trademark

For what reason do you need to consider enlisting a trademark for your business?
  • Trademark can be viewed like some other type of assets like land, as it very well may be sold, authorized, or allocated.
  • Trademark once enrolled, can prevent others from utilizing your trademarked business name/logo.
  • Indeed, even large organizations like Siemens, Coca-Cola, Apple ensure their business through a trademark.
  • It would be a significant resource for your business and adds to the hospitality created.
  • It might empower the purchaser to make a way of life or style statement.
  • It fills in as identification of faithfulness and alliance.
  • It energizes further buys.

For additional inquiries and data or for trademark search, recording, resistance, and enrolling a trademark in India, you can contact us anytime.


How to Register for a Trademark ?

Any individual, organization, owner, or lawful element declaring to be the proprietor can apply for a trademark.

The application gets recorded within a couple of days, and you can begin utilizing the "TM" image. You may use the ® (Registered image) close to your trademark once your trademark is enlisted and the enlistment certificate is given.
Steps you need to take to enroll your trademark in India:
  • Choose and approve a trademark specialist or lawyer to address you.
  • The trademark lawyer explores.
  • Depending on the consequences of the exploration, the trademark lawyer will draft your trademark application. On the off chance that somebody as of now has something very similar or comparable trademark, you may need to change yours.
  • Your trademark application gets recorded by the trademark lawyer in the Trademark Office and sends you the receipt.
  • Following a couple of days, the trademark lawyer will send you the Original Representation Sheet of your trademark as it has been documented with the Trademark Office.
What things to keep in mind when looking for a good Trademark?

How might we be definite and select a decent trademark!

  • Do a satisfactory investigation
  • Do not make any legislative mistake
  • Do not use very plain terms or expressions
  • Do not record without the testimony of the use
  • Do not utilize the name of any geographic area
  • Do make an effort not to take a phonetically comparative imprint
  • Do not simply document for word mark; a record for logo mark independently

Document Required for a Trademark


Brand Logo

Logo in JPEG or PNG format
which you want to Protect
through Register Trademark

Nature of Business

Brief Description of Business
under the Brand Logo

Identity Proof

Any One such as Aadhar,
Passport, Driving License

Address Of Applicant

Complete Address of the applicant

How We Help

Parikalan is focused on aiding business people and entrepreneurs, oversee and develop their organizations with genuine feelings of patience at a moderate cost. We intend to instruct the business people on the lawful and administrative necessities and be a partner through the whole business life cycle, offering support to the organization at each stage to ensure they are agreeable and constantly developing.
Pricing Plans

Trademark Price Plans

Basic Plan

  • Apply Trademark in One Class
    and search status
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  • Brand Logo Designing from
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Standard Plan

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Premium Plan

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No. The chief guideline behind trademarks is their designated role which ensures that your business is exceptionally identified. You are saving the methods and approaches to perceive your products or administrations
No. But, the enlistment is proof of the ownership of the trademark. For unregistered imprints, an action can be taken against any individual for making products or administrations look like the merchandise of someone else or as administrations given by someone else.
Indeed, it can be revised according to Section 22 of the Trademarks Act. This act permits the alteration of the imprint. Any shallow or irrelevant character or highlight of the said mark is permitted to be altered if a request is recorded in the recommended design alongside 16 duplicates of the changed name mark.
It tends to be taken out on application to the Registrar on the recommended structure.
Ordinarily, it requires 8-10 months. However, if there is a protest or resistance, at that point, it might take up to 12 months to quite a long while, based on legitimate issues that may emerge.
To guarantee that your recently made trademark is dissimilar, you need to do an exhaustive chase (known as the Trademark Search). It can be done through the information bases of the recently enrolled trademarks. And the recorded or forthcoming trademark applications looking for enlistment.
Yes. The Indian trademark Law is TRIPS applies and accommodates the security of renowned trademarks and perceives trans-border fame.