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RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances, is explicit to the European Union. The law spins around the treatment of risky materials, going from assembling to the destruction of the material. While made inside Europe for individuals from the European Union, different areas have made modifications of the RoHS. Countries all through Asia (China, Japan, and South Korea) and the variants of RoHS are utilized inside North America also. Makers of unsafe material should become RoHS compatible to sell and disperse the item within the European Union. It is the reason it is so essential for an organization to get these certifications.

To get the accreditation, it is crucial to search out an outsider association that gives test reports of the material, material assertions straightforwardly from the provider, and what is known as a Declarations of Conformity. It is tied in with testing the component, ensuring lodging, fabricating, and conveying. It is made sure that everything is in arrangement with the guidelines of RoHS.

When working with these outsider associations, they test the presence of various substance mixtures and segments.

Compliance Certificates

Benefits of a RoHS Certification

Order 2011/65/EC forces a compulsory necessity that any individual that sells electrical/electronic items to RoHS nations or offers to branches, wholesalers, or integrators that provide materials to these nations will undoubtedly pass RoHS compliance. Their item won't be permitted in the EU market on the off chance that they use any of the confined materials.

The RoHS confirmation issue by Eurotech affirms and validates that the material assessment is according to the mandate 2011/65/EU and that the item is RoHS compliant. Exporter and producer can utilize this testament in the EU at whatever point requested RoHS compliance.


How to Register for RoHS Certification?

Testimonial Body will provide authentication of compliance after going through the following process :

The application covers some essential data about the organization.

The certificate body should confirm the purpose and conditions to record all the data on the ROHS data set.

The statement got will be evaluated by the group to prove that the prerequisite has been done.

The statement got will be evaluated by the group to prove that the prerequisite has been done.

After a survey of the application and reports, we give the value citation to the customer.

And play out the Gap Analysis to cover every one of the provisions of the quality norms. It is done to examine the Gap between company arranged things and finished things.

Check the report of the association to guarantee that the documentation satisfied the prerequisite.

Check the report of the association to guarantee that the documentation satisfied the prerequisite.

Estimate your association's documented plan and plans toward the prerequisite.

  • Examination:- Evaluate the documentation of your policy framework.
  • Remedial activity:- It has taken when denial happens.
  • Analyze:- Validate the documentation of the organization.

The evaluator validated that the partnership carries out as per its documentation.

  • Survey:- Evaluate the performance method as indicated by the association's report
  • Remedial activity:- In case of any resistance occurs, then the restorative move to be made.
  • Confirmation:- Verify work execution measures are being dragged by your spokesperson.

Document Required for RoHS Certification


Legal Documents

1. Incorporation Letter
2. GST Registration
3. MSME Registration


Company Profile with Scope of work of Organization


1. Two Sell Invoices
2. Two Purchase Invoices

Other Documents

1. Letter Head
2. Visiting Card
Compliance Certificates

How We Help

Here is a rundown of few advantages that you can benefit yourself if you pick us for your RoHS accreditation:

  • We plan to assemble a total information base that expects to satisfy RoHS mandate prerequisites.
  • Offer the adaptability to utilize other customer's documentation and outsider as a reason for the certificate.
  • Give an upper hand.
  • Check that documentation and item have been guaranteed and evaluated.
  • Diminish the danger of being work over-burden.


If a plastic part is utilized in electrical or electronic gear, it should be RoHS-compliant.
The straightforward answer is "extremely." Failing to make items RoHS consistent or declining to conform to demands for documentation can bring about fines that are £5000 or more. Explicit punishments change from one state to another.
Indeed. Even though chromium is available in hardened steel, it's not the hexavalent chromium limited by RoHS. Some other limited materials, like lead and cadmium, may likewise be available. However, testing has reliably affirmed that their focuses on hardened steel are well beneath the RoHS edge.
A RoHS certificate is legitimate for five years. Notwithstanding, early re-affirmation might be required if an item goes through notable changes in plan, crude materials, or sourcing strategies.
RoHS restricts things present in electronic or electrical hardware (wiring, segments, circuit sheets, shows, cabling). REACH handles all synthetic compounds that may be utilized to fabricate the item.
Four diverse phthalates (DEHP, BBP, BBP, DIBP), Mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), hexavalent chromium (CrVI), cadmium (Cd)
The limited materials are dangerous to the climate and dirty landfills. These can be threatening regarding exposure during assembling and reusing.
It confines the various dangerous substances that can be utilized in the production of electrical & electronic equipment (EEE). These harmful substances can be hard to oversee toward the end time of the item life cycle.
Versatile RoHS analyzers, otherwise called XRF element analyzers or X-beam fluorescence, are utilized to screen the limited metals.
The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) is another EU mandate. That requires all EEE producers who sell in the EU to take on specific duties in the removal cycle for electronic waste. The two mandates apply to large quantities of similar items, yet each has its principles, just as its country-by-country contrasts in execution.
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